Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SURGE of POWER: The Sequel

A sequel is in the works to SURGE of POWER, a fun, campy Superhero movie released in 2004 produced and conceived by my friend, Vincent Roth. I initially did artwork for the original movie, SURGE OF POWER: The Stuff of Heroes, including props, framing artwork, and concept work. Now Vincent is back at work on a sequel after touring the first film at film festivals and conventions. He's asked me to do new art, and this is the first piece I've conceived: A cover to the JUSTICE BRIGADE comic, a fictional book the main character is a fan of. More SURGE movies = more art for me to create. Looking forward to seeing how the projects develops, no doubt bigger and better.

Some initial concept thumbnails for the cover. I initially thought the cover on the right would be great, after talking with Vincent the concept was revised, and I think the second idea (left side) works much better in showcasing the heroes (Blue Beacon, Splendorella, & Captain Meteor).

Original cover "prop" artwork from Surge of Power I conceived and created back in 2003 - oh, the horror!!!

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Chris Palmer said...

Nice stuff Nelson. Now when are you going to work for DC? I want to see you do Batman Adventures (cause that's the only Batman comic I read).