Monday, February 09, 2009


or "Coulda Been Worse..."
Aspects of Process:

This semester I am taking JP Balmet's Viz Dev class. This is part of our first completed project, I think the top image, the "moment piece" was the more successful part of the project. I would consider it a first pass towards finish as I would like to clarify shapes etc. I'm pretty happy with the energy.

I had more trouble with the character design, and would really like to know how to get it right. Well, its our first official character design assignment and look forward to JP's feedback. Include is the some process aspects for both the character & moment piece.

Also, I am enjoying the class: its tough, fun and its a trip being back in school. More to come...


Jason said...

Your hard work paid off! This turned out extremely well.

Nelson Hernandez said...

thanks J. honestly, its not completely done yet... thanks for the encouragment... :)

PT said...

Muahhaha, now you got to add me! XD

I like the approach you took to the character design. Th waterfall spirit, looks like she has a lot of ethical background. It's definitely different then how a lot of the viz dep people have approached it, and it's a nice breath of air, classic in a sense, and very painterly!