Sunday, April 05, 2009

Plain Erring... in San Jose
04: Basile @ Bascom

03: Sunol @ Auzerais

Wasn't really feeling this one after I started: No real interesting shapes, colors were kinda blah... Well, that was my one shot this week. haha

02: Stockton @ Taylor

01 : Alviso Marina

Plein Aire paints - for Mr. JP Balmet's class... Sad that he has to assign this for me to go out and do it. For that though, I am grateful...


Henry Ho said...

nice, i like the one on top

Chris Palmer said...

I agree with Henry, that top one is really nice. Great paintings, Nelson.

Nelson Hernandez said...

the top two comments refer to the Water Tower, not the crappy painting of the Burbank Theater.