Friday, November 13, 2009

Group Project : The BFG
(Big Friendly Giant)

Works - From top to bottom:
Moment Piece: Sophie meets the B.F.G.
The BFG.'s Workshop w/ Dream Chamber
Dream Jars, Dream Stone Grinder, & Stove
Characters: Mr. Tibbs & The Queen
The Footmen

For Final Project in Viz Dev on Roald Dahl's The BFG. This final project was a group project where each of us was assigned a spefic moment piece, environment, and characters. This is some of my finished Development work for the project. It was a really great experience, with some really, really talented individuals.

Group Members:
Gus Corrales
Paul Nguyen
Chantrelle Pryor &


Vu said...

They're looking great Nelson! These are the best character designs I've seen from you. Keep it up!

Nelson Hernandez said...

thanks Vu, means a lot.

Eli Rosen said...

I like the first and second ones alot. The jars are entertaining too.

rebbaz royee said...

I must agree with Vu, they're great (Tony the Tiger status). I wanna see the ones of the servant guy. Those might not have fit in the style but I liked those the best. You should post them anyway.

Nelson Hernandez said...

thanks Rebbaz... for sure. i've have since uploaded a couple more images on your suggestion. thanks a lot for the feedback man. i uploaded the the footmen images. kinda like how the extra images filled the post out. thanks for dropping by. Also would have been cool to see you next semester in whatever happens to Adv. Viz Dev

rebbaz royee said...

We'll see about next semester Nelson, but I do love those foot men.