Sunday, February 07, 2010

ROBERT HUNT Portrait Painting Workshop (03/05-03/07)
Oil Paintings

Day 03: Natasha

Day 02:

Day 01: Rachel


I had the pleasure of working under Robert Hunt for his first portrait painting workshop in Oakland, Cali. Beyond being an awesome artist/illustrator he's a gentleman, scholar, and a real hoot. A wonderful experience working with him and at the studio. Hope to visit again. Robert also took professional shots of our work. These were all painted with oils.


Chris Palmer said...

Nice shape variations, Nelson! That guy on the right is creepy as hell.

Nelson Hernandez said...

Thanks Palmer! Always appreciate your stopping by. I'm having fun with this one. :)

Vu said...

Im liking this style a lot!

Nelson Hernandez said...

thanks Vu!

Nelson Hernandez said...

(post for Feb 08 & March 07: switched for continuity. comments reflect opposite post/subject. fyi...)