Monday, July 26, 2010


So... I entered this drawing for HiJinX Comics brand new Art Contest. The contest was draw your favorite super hero just pen/pencil on paper. I got it in under the wire, kinda waited till the last minute, and yes I realize the perspective, anatomy, & crotch problems... (I also like the energy of the thumbnail version better) But Robin (Dick Grayson version) is really my favorite character. He's the one I grew up with, the one I grew up loving and wanting to be. Anyhow, this is it. I was happy a) to get it done & b) just entering the art contest. All good fun!

UPDATE: Apparently, I won the contest. Not a lot of fanfare, not that I needed it. :D I got $25 of free new comics so that was pretty sweet. Thank you Dan from HiJinx Comics


J. Williams said...

Good luck on the contest Nelson! :D

bland said...

who doesn't have crotch problems every now and again......... good luck...... a little late.