Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Property of Kabam! (formerly Watercooler Games)

These small illustrations are marketing art for the Facebook Game "Kingdoms of Camelot." I got a cool little gig at the beginning of Summer/End of School Year creating work for Kabam! (formerly Watercooler Games). Each week I'm contracted to create 10 original ads (shown actual size) as advertisements for the game. These usually go along the side when you look at your FB page. Maybe/Hopefully you've seen one and it compelled you to play the game. Iits interesting to find out which ones were effective and which really... really weren't. I'm surprised each time.

Big Props to my last semester's teach Ariel for helping us out with the gig!


Vu said...

Nice Nelly! They all read really well.

Nelson Hernandez said...

thanks Vu! what's crackin? when we partying next? ;)