Friday, May 20, 2011

Speed Paint : One Month Difference

What a difference a month makes. This is a speed paint I did twice. The left is a month ago (45 mins). The right I did today (30 mins). I'm happy to see improvement. I have been doing at least one a day. I'm on day 42!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visceral Games Test : DEAD SPACE World

This is some old artwork I found from earlier this past semester. I was recruited to do an art test for Visceral Games (EA), makers of Dead Space and some others. I was asked to create an environment piece in the style of the game. This was my pass. It was fun, sooo different from what I normally do. I didn't get the job...

Monday, May 09, 2011

Calvino Continued.... (development)
Color Script..? (first attempt)


Moment 03 Ideation & Thumbs

Moment 04 (& 05?) Ideation & Thumbs

What I'm going to squeeze out before the end of the semester. 2 weeks left...
1 a day / 30 days

Here are 30 speed paints done in 30 days (45 minutes or less). My new habit and hopefully addiction that won't get derailed. Its easy to say you're gonna do this and then quit. Artist Goro Fujita came by SJSU and recommended doing this saying it wasn't easy, but so helpful to him. I don't see much of a leap, but I did get faster. We'll see how month 2 goes. For now... here's my first 30.