Thursday, July 04, 2013


Damian Wayne Robin. Project:Rooftop has Fan Art Fridays, as well as redesign contests. Fan Art Fridays are fun, cuz anything goes (as long as you stay on topic). The most recent one is in light of Robin's death, which happened in the past year in the Batman comics. I grew to like the kid, and this is how I saw him: growling and with a sword. Oh, he has no problem killing people by the way. Long story... LARGER VIEW I don't know what the eff is up with Blogger changes, but it kinda sucks. Images display is different. Anyhow, if you click the link above you can see the bigger view of the top drawing. Its a link to my Deviant Art Page while you're there.


Thomas Fummo said...

Great work, Nelson :) Just popping by to say thanks for your kind words over on P:R. I'm now officially following your blog! Keep up the great artwork! TF

Nelson Hernandez said...

Thanks Thomas! And thanks a lot for stopping by! I appreciate it as well. I'll bee keeping an eye on your stuff as well. :)